I’ll be making a couples account on Streamate soon!

Some of you have seen me on chaturbate with my cam partner, things went well that night and we both had a lot of fun so we thought we’d like to give Streamate a try with a couples account as well.

Those of you who saw us on chaturbate that night and tipped towards our show, thank you. For those who haven’t seen us on either site yet, get ready. We’ll be creating our couples account on Streamate just as soon as my cam partner is available to sign a few forms and take a couple of pictures.

It can take up to 10 days to get our account approved but hopefully it won’t take that long. You definitely won’t want to miss our shows, Just to give you an idea of what our shows are like, we really get into each other.

He actually turns me on and I enjoy him touching and kissing me. I enjoy giving him pleasure too. Once we get started it’s hard to stop. He can kiss me and get me wet which gets him hard. We may change positions often I enjoy them all with him.

He has a huge cock. He’s about 9 inches so heads up most of the time he can’t get all the way in me with out hurting me. He will start out slow and easy and gradually work his way in as deep as he can go with out hurting me. He likes to spank me sometimes too which is a turn on for me.

Once he’s in me we might get lost in the moment. We don’t want you to take offense to this we want you to enjoy it with us. We will try to keep up with requests during a private show as much as we can but if we don’t see your request right away it’s because we’re so into each other that we’re not watching the screen so much.

We can’t perform out in the open on Streamate like we can on Chaturbate so to see one of our shows on Streamate you’ll have to take us private at first but once our account qualifies for gold shows we can choose to offer gold shows or let you take us private.

No matter which option is chosen it is sure to be a great show. If you miss our show you will be missing out. We don’t have a set schedule in mind at the moment. We will have to talk about that and see what will work for us. We may not be able to work a set schedule. If this is the case we will just wing it and get on when we can.

Keep an eye on my tweets for the link to our couples account when we’re approved. I’ll tweet it once we’re approved and I’ll tweet it when we have plans to get on cam. I may tweet it periodically through out the day when ever we’ve planned in advance to get on cam.

About autumnstorm425

I'm a web cam model my goal with this blog is to give you a peek into the life of a cam girl
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