Renters beware

It’s not a big secret that I’ve had problems with past lanlords and property managers.  These past issues are what led me not to trust any landlord or property manager EVER.

The issues I’m having with the current management and owner of my apartment complex were caused by the property manager they just fired. In one of my previous blog posts I described the issue and what I did to remedy the issue.

Today I was called back into the rental office about 177.00 that I still don’t owe. I had to point out that I brought my rent receipts and a written statement to assist in the filing of charges on the former property manager and that they had sent it to “corporate.”

The lady in the office told me to check back with her on Monday. I’m more than happy to do that. I just want this issue settled so I can live peacefully. I don’t like notices being posted on my door to come to the office, or to vacate the premises.

Since I opened a checking account in February, I made my final payment by money order in March and as of April 1st I started paying by check. The former property manager was still here on April 1st, so even though I had a photo copy of my check dated and signed by the former property manager, I logged into my online banking and printed the check image (which clearly shows it’s been deposited.)

After all I did pay my rent in November by money order only to find out months later that the money order was altered.

The current management uses a different type of rent receipt, but I still fully intend to print the check image once the check clears in my bank and just like I did with the previous check image, I will staple it to my receipt.

Maybe I’m being unfair by not trusting the current management, but we are still dealing with the aftermath of the previous property manager and her dirty deeds. In additon to that I’ve had problems with landlords and property managers in the past as previously stated.

I’m aware a landlord can evict a tennant for habitual late payments so I make sure I pay on time, and I keep proof of payment incase they ever try to say I didn’t pay, or I paid late and owe late fees etc. This way if it ever goes to court for that reason I have proof to back up my claims, landlord/property manager makes an ass of themselves in court if they’re stupid enough to take it that far, I would win if the eviction was on the grounds of non payment of rent because I would have proof that not only did I pay, but I paid on time.

I’m not saying don’t rent an apartment, I’m saying keep records of any and all rent payments you make just to cover your ass in the event you have a dirty landlord/property manager. The former property manager knew about me camming. She knew I made a decent amount of money working only part time. Maybe she chose to screw me over because she thinks “she makes good money she can afford it.”

It sucks that someone would do this regardless of what their thought process is or their reason for doing it. It doesn’t matter if I can afford it or not. This is the kind of thing that should never happen. Unfortunately it does happen sometimes and probably more often than any of us think.

So to my fellow renters I say beware, ALWAYS GET A RECEIPT AND KEEP IT FOR YOUR RECORDS. I also strongly suggest you hide your rent receipts in a safe place where a landlord/property manager wouldn’t find them and steal them in order to fuck you over in the event they enter your apartment illegally while you’re at work.

I suggest a file cabinet with a lock, and by all meas KEEP IT LOCKED AT ALL TIMES WHEN YOU DON’T NEED TO PUT SOMETHING IN OR TAKE SOMETHING OUT. Other acceptable options are safety deposit boxes. Those are typically kept in banks and only you and certain bank staff should have a key to the safety deposit box, Or an area of your home where you wouldn’t expect someone to look for that sort of thing. In this case I would keep back up copies in a 2nd location as most landlords/property managers would only expect you to keep a single copy and would likely leave if they found one copy thinking they had your only copy.

The former property manager inadvertently screwed herself by making a photo copy of the money order and signing it in addition to me having the money order stub. She pretty much gave me all the evidence I would need to prove the altered money order was mine and I had paid my rent.

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