In my last blog post I mentioned that a notice to vacate the premises citing non payment of rent was put on my door the other day. It had the correct first name and the wrong last name so I thought it was put on my door by mistake.

I paid my rent today and found out that it was intended for me and that my last name was just misspelled. I had to go get all of my old rent reciepts and prove that I had infact paid my rent in full and on time.

I was paying by money order and thank God I was. I had the money order reciept, a signed reciept from the prior property manager for most of the months I paid. The only ones I don’t have a signed reciept for are the times I put the rent in the office mail drop because nobody was in the office.

I had to go over all of my old rent reciepts and money order reciepts/stubs to prove I paid. It turns out the previous property manager took my rent for November and left the name of the apartment complex but whited everything else out and put someone else’s name and apartment number on it.

Thank God I don’t trust property managers and I keep ALL written communications from them as well as ALL rent reciepts. Had they tried to take me to court and evict me I would have had them by the balls. That would have made them look incredibly stupid.

Thankfully the new management listened when I told them I paid and they asked me to get my old rent reciepts so we could sit down and figure this out. In the process of doing that not only did we find that the previous property manager took my money order for Novemeber and whited out everything but the apartment complex name (whom it was made out to) and put someone else’s information on it we also found where she took someone elses money order for 175.00 and filled it out for them and put my information on it.

By the management records it looked I owed 330.00 in back rent but by my own records it was obvious I didn’t owe anything. I’m just stunned that someone would do such a thing knowing that it could result in an eviction had I thrown away that reciept instead of keeping it.

I’m not very happy about finding this out but the lady that did it no longer works as a property manager. I honestly hope they press charges. As far as I know you can’t alter a money order it’s illegal. This definitely looks like fraud from my perspective.

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