Nice try property manager!

I heard someone fooling around outside my door a few minutes ago. I opened the door to find a notice to vacate the premises on or before May 1st for non payment of rent. I paid my rent last month and I have proof that I paid and it was on time.

I brought it right back to the office and told them it was delivered to the wrong apartment. It had the right first name but the wrong last name which I saw on the way to the office. However since there is new management here I do not trust them.

I fully expect to be harassed and forced out. I am going to start preparing to move now so I don’t have to worry about it. I’ve lived here for 13 months now almost 14 months and I have always paid on time.

I have always kept proof of payment. If they want a fight they picked the wrong girl to fool with. I will destroy them in court if they try anything at all.

I have always had bad experiences with new management so I’m going to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. The last thing I need is to be evicted again.

Obviously I have major trust issues with property managers. They’ve brought it on themselves though. One of them was crazy and harassed me, another one thought she was slick and could get me out before my lease was up and got beat at her own game.

Now these people put a notice to vacate on the wrong door and I’m just sitting back thinking it won’t be long until they start playing games with me.

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