new puppy means sleep deprivation

I got a puppy after my husband passed away. He’s great but he likes to play at night when he should be going to sleep. He also likes to whine every hour or two to go outside when I make him sleep in the crate.

I was letting him sleep in the bed with me but now he’s big enough and smart enough to jump down on his own. The crate seems to be the only way I can keep him from going potty in the house!

He’s been particularly stubborn when it comes to taking him out to potty. Most dogs will start to get the idea in just a few days. This one, not so much. He learned how to climb out of an open top crate.

I finally flattened out some card board boxes and put them around and on top of the crate and taped them up. Hopefully he won’t be able to get out of that other wise I’m gonna have to keep dealing with him having accidents and chewing things he shouldn’t be chewing until I can get a new crate.

Taking him for long walks is helpful because it tires him out which keeps him from chewing everything and going potty everywhere. If I can keep him the crate when I’m not playing with him or walking him then he’ll start making the connection and will house train more easily.

In the mean time the constant howling is not only annoying but it keeps me up at night or constantly wakes me up.

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