Don’t trash other models

I had a conversation with a cam customer last night who was pretty upset that one model he chats with was trashing another model he chats with. I am not revealing his handle for privacy reasons.

This customer did not like hearing one model trash another period. It bothered him even more that she was being so public about it.

Maybe she’s really young and hasn’t learned that lesson yet, maybe she’s closer to my age and hasn’t learned that lesson yet. I don’t know her so I really can’t say. All I know is that the gentleman I talked to was not very happy with the situation.

Ladies, when you trash another model you will piss off at least some of your customers. You will definitely make them curious about the model you’re trashing. They will wonder why you hate her so much and go see what she’s all about.

What if they like her shows better? in that case you have successfully promoted her, driven traffic to her room, and trashed your own business. Customers don’t come to our chats to hear a bunch of catty bullshit.

Here’s how I handle it when I get jealous of a model who makes more money than me, I watch her to see what she’s doing differently. I try to incorporate the parts I would be comfortable with into my own shows but still do my own thing so my show is my own.

Customers chat with multiple models because they like a little variety so you definitely don’t want to copy someone else’s entire show. It’s definitely ok to watch them so you can get a few ideas, maybe do some of the same things but not all of them. Customers don’t want the exact same show in every room they visit.

The best way to keep your customers is to not trash other models. Keep your mouth shut. You can secretly hate another model all you want but don’t say it on cam for all your customers to hear.

Know that your customers are going to chat with other models too. Know that you do not own the customers and they have every right to chat with any model they choose. Know that when you run your mouth about another model you risk driving her business up and your own business down.

Jealousy is not an attractive quality. If you have no reason to hate a model other than she is prettier than you, or she is making more money than you, keep your mouth shut! watch her to see what she’s doing differently.

What ever you do don’t trash the girl. You will only end up making yourself look bad and you will lose business because of it.

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I'm a web cam model my goal with this blog is to give you a peek into the life of a cam girl
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