you guys don’t know what you’re missing

as some of you know I finally came back to work on cam after being gone for 11 months. I found it is impossible to reach a single goal where I used to make goal 1-4 times in a shift sometimes more if I wasn’t too tired.

The kind of shows I do are not even close to what you guys have seen in the week since I returned to cam. I like to get my dildo and vibrator out, grab the lube if needed, and really get busy if you know what I mean.

Baby oil, this is new for me. I do enjoy rubbing baby oil on my skin during shows. There is an added benefit of it being a great moisturizer but that’s beside the point. I think that could really add to my shows.

If I never hit a goal I can’t put on one of these shows. Maybe I should log on earlier in the evening, maybe I should take Tuesday nights off, who knows. I’ll try some different things and see what works for me.

Picture 63

If you want to see more of this then come see me on cam tomorrow night I’ll post it on twitter when I decide on the time. I’m going to aim for 9:00 pm EST

About autumnstorm425

I'm a web cam model my goal with this blog is to give you a peek into the life of a cam girl
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