Time to enjoy life

I’m getting back on cam tomorrow night and I’m looking forward to it. It will be the first time I’ve been on cam in 11 months.

I’ve allowed too many things to hold me back for far too long. I’ve finally reached the point where I’ve gotten over a lot of the anxiety over a scar and another uncomfortable blemish. I’m human, I have flaws, I’m not perfect.

I’m at a point in my life where I no longer have any room in my life for negativity. I want to focus only on positive things and enjoy life from here on out instead of worrying about everything all the time.

Believe it or not the way you think affects your life. If you think positive you will have more positive things happen in your life. If you constantly think negative then you will see more negativity in your life.

I’m choosing to focus on the positive from now on. That doesn’t mean I won’t have a bad day now and then but when I do there is always a silver lining and I will find it.

About autumnstorm425

I'm a web cam model my goal with this blog is to give you a peek into the life of a cam girl
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