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I keep seeing things on twitter saying re tweet this and follow to gain a certain number of followers. I’m sure that may work for people who want followers in general. I how ever prefer to have targeted traffic.

I want people to follow me because they like what I tweet. I want people to like my content and be interested in what I have to say. Those are what I call quality followers. I tweet mostly about things that are adult in nature.

I don’t want the wrong age group following me. I want people who are at least 18 yrs old and interested in the content I offer. These people are my target audience. I like to offer quality content to those who follow me on twitter.

I may start adding pics to my blog occasionally. I think those who actually read through my posts deserve a treat every now and then. Typically those same pictures will be on twitter though.

Re tweeting and following the people who promise to get you a certain number of twitter followers does not guarantee that all of those followers will be interested in the content you post. If those twitter followers don’t like your content they will unfollow you, may report your account, they could possibly get your account suspended.

The best way to get twitter followers who are interested in what you put out there is to tweet about it, follow people who are tweeting similar things. For example, if you’re a cam girl you should follow other cam girls, maybe follow a few of the people who follow them. Some of them will follow you back. Tweet a few sexy pictures that are seductive but keep you genitals covered up. You don’t want to give away too much.

Tweet your cam links, tweet updates about your shows, when you plan to be on, maybe a picture now and then just before going on cam and then a few pictures when you get off cam after your shift. This will get people interested and ready to watch you during your next shift.

Like I said in my previous post you need to be comfortable on cam. If a customer asks you to do something you don’t feel comfortable with it’s ok to politely decline. If a customer asks you for something that is totally illegal it’s ok to let them know that you will never be comfortable doing that, it’s illegal, and you don’t appreciate being asked to break the law.

You can’t focus on what other models do in their rooms. You can watch them from time to time to get ideas but you should never completely copy cat their show. You should be yourself on cam and just have fun with it. Some customers may come into your chat and say “well this model does this” you can’t focus on what that model is doing. That customer could be lying to get you to do something he wants.

Focus on your own show. Don’t sit there like a bump on a log. The customers get bored with that pretty fast. Get up and move around, try to be happy and smiling on cam, when a customer tips it can’t hurt to say thank you.

Don’t worry about what other models charge for their shows or if they do it in free chat or do a password protected show on chaturbate or just insist on private. You should charge the price you want to charge and if it works for you great if it doesn’t try playing around with your prices a little bit to find what will work best for you.

Don’t forget to promote yourself. As I mentioned with posting your pictures on twitter and your cam links this is one way to promote yourself.  You get more quality followers and better traffic from twitter this way. Quality is better than quantity. You can build a huge following on twitter and your cam site but it will take time. You definitely want more quality followers than a huge quantity of them who won’t spend a dime in your chat.

Don’t go on cam tired. Customers will not stay in your room if you’re obviously tired. They will move on to another lady who looks more energetic and happy. If you have dark circles like I do, it’s a good idea to use some concealer. Dark circles will make you look tired even if you’re not.

Try to acknowledge as many customers as you can. Sometimes that acknowledgement is all it takes to get a customer to come back to your chat and spend a few bucks when he has money to spend. I personally don’t kick every guy out that doesn’t have money to spend right that minute. I let them hang around and treat them with respect. They usually come back and spend when they can.

Customers like to be treated like people because they are people. They don’t like to be treated like a dollar sign. As you get to know some of your customers you will start to remember things they say to you, this is a great way to let them know you remember and appreciate them. Doing that small gesture will help keep your customers coming back.

Some of my best customers don’t always have money to spend but they keep me laughing and smiling which helps with the mood in my room. Of course it’s nice when they do have money to spend but it’s not the only thing that matters.

I won’t lie I love to make a nice chunk of change but sometimes there will be shifts where I don’t make shit. You have to take the good with the bad. You might make 100-500 tokens one night on chaturbate or MFC and make 10,000 tokens another night. You never know what you’ll make or when you’ll make it. Just have fun and enjoy yourself. You will always make more when you have fun and enjoy yourself than you will if it is painfully obvious that you are uncomfortable and/or unhappy. This is just from my own personal experience.

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I'm a web cam model my goal with this blog is to give you a peek into the life of a cam girl
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