time to buy new bras and panties

I just went through my underwear drawer and it looks like it’s time to throw some stuff out and buy new stuff. Some of them have small holes which means I will never wear them again. It’s time to throw them out when they have holes.

I found some that have what appear to be weak spots which is where the material is thinning and will soon have a hole. It’s time to throw those out and buy some new ones.

I do still have some that are a little newer and are in good shape but I definitely think I need to go shopping. Not only is this something I need to do, but it’s something that is also fun for me. A girl can never have too many bra and panty sets.

I’ve decided that with the first pay check I get after going back on cam I’m going shopping. I’m hoping to be able to spend about 300.00 when I go shopping. This means I need to make around 1000.00 on cam to be able to pay the bills and shop.

I’m not counting on making that much right away so I may only be able to spend 100-150.00 when I go shopping. I’m fine with that too. I just really need to get some new stuff.

When I go shopping I’ll have pictures taken in the new bra and panty sets and in the tank tops. Some of them anyway, and I’ll post them on twitter and maybe here too.

My first goal is to make 4000 tokens which is equal to 200.00 when I get paid. That won’t be a nightly goal but it will be a first night’s goal. It’s ok if I don’t reach it but I would like to try and see and how close I get.

I will definitely do some password protected shows because I think it’s only fair that the customers who contribute should be the only ones who watch some of those shows. I may do a few out in the open too but I’ll make sure that my paying customers at least get some shows where only they get to see.

If I make enough over and above my goal for the entire pay period I may consider buying a stripper pole to install in my room for cam shows. I know some of you would really like that. It will also help keep me up and moving around more.

My goal with my shows is to please my customers and have fun while doing it and making money at the same time. The added bonus is I’ll get plenty of exercise that will help keep me in good shape lol.

look for me tomorrow night! http://chaturbate.com/affiliates/in/LQps/mGlih/?track=default&room=autumn_storm  that’s a direct link to my room. I’ll be on around 10:30PM eastern time. Keep in mind I do not have a stripper pole yet!

I hope to see lots of familiar people there as well as some new ones! I’m definitely looking forward to it!

About autumnstorm425

I'm a web cam model my goal with this blog is to give you a peek into the life of a cam girl
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