attitudes towards camgirls

I have noticed a lot of people think negatively about camgirls and the adult industry in general. People look at us as bad and immoral. We are often called whores and sluts. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I don’t give two fucks what you think of me.

I have seen cops say camgirls are nothing more than whores, I’ve seen the same guys who use the services we provide come in our chat rooms and call us every name in the book. Seriously guys the slut shaming gets real old real fast.

If you’re going to come into our chat rooms and start slut shaming you should probably consider how it makes you look. If you’re so against it then why are you even in out chat to begin with? why do you have an account on these sites? somebody looks a lot like a hypocrite!

We act like sluts on cam it’s part of the fantasy we sell. That doesn’t mean we’re sluts in real life. The truth is you don’t know us. You don’t know what goes on in our personal lives when we’re off cam.

Love us or hate us we’re still us, we’re still going to be on cam, we’re still not going to care what you think and we’re still not going to give you the time of day if you come into our chat rooms being an asshole.

If you come into my chat being rude and disrespectful I will just kick you out. Some ladies might tolerate your bullshit but I won’t. I will not put up with a customer with a bad attitude. I won’t tolerate rude customers and disrespectful comments. I’ll just give you the boot.

Webcam models are not whores. We provide a service online. We don’t meet in person, we don’t pass along diseases, we don’t spread our legs for every guy that shows us a little attention. We do what we do during our cam shows and when we’re off cam we relax and do our own thing.

We have to run errands, we have to grocery shop, we have to pay bills, we spend time with friends and family, sometimes we like to go shopping or go out to eat. We are just like any other person out there.

Some of us do this strictly as a job, some of us do this as a hobby and the added income from it is just a bonus. We don’t bash you for your job or your hobbies. I don’t think we’re asking too much to be treated with the same respect we give you. For those of you who think it’s ok to come into our chat rooms acting like a complete jackass well the ban button is a very handy tool.

About autumnstorm425

I'm a web cam model my goal with this blog is to give you a peek into the life of a cam girl
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