there’s a bump in the road

I discovered this morning that I have an active warrant in the Cleveland Area. My head is still spinning from it.  I was looking up my info on the ohio BMV website and found I had a warrant block. There was a phone number there so I called the number.

It turns out that my husband was driving a car that was in my name, He got a ticket and I wasn’t even in the car. They apparently wrote a ticket out for me too but the only thing I can figure is they sent it in the mail and it went to an old address.

The warrant is from 2011 and I never got the ticket. I never knew about the court date or anything. I definitely feel like I got blind sided by it. On the up side at least I’m aware of it now and I can go down there with my ID and reschedule the court date.

I won’t have to sit in jail, I won’t have to pay a bond, I’ll just get a new court date and then when I have to go to court I will show up. I will plead no contest and get the case disposed of as quickly as possible.

I’ll probably have to pay a fine and court costs. I can handle that but I wish I’d known about it sooner. I would have taken care of this a long time ago had I known. I bet the judge or magistrate won’t be to pleased with me!

If they are willing to listen I will explain that I never received a ticket or a court date. I hope they will be understanding and not throw the book at me but I’ll have to be prepared for it just in case.

This is one good reason not to let someone drive your car if their license is suspended. You don’t need any surprise warrants, you don’t need the courts trying to fine you to death, you don’t need to get your own license suspended. It’s just a huge hassle and not worth it.

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