I think it’s time to get my license back

I may have mentioned in previous posts that my license is suspended. I’ve never actually had a license. I’ve only ever had my temps. A lot of times I have allowed someone else to drive the car that was in my name and I stopped paying for the insurance.

I have also had times where my car was in the repair shop and I stopped paying for the insurance because I couldn’t drive it anyway and then ended up letting someone else drive the car after it was repaired.

What got my license/ability to get a license suspended was the lack of insurance. It doesn’t matter who drives the car as long as it is in my name I have to carry insurance or my license can be suspended again.

I’ve set a goal for the total amount I am willing to spend on a used car plus the cost of insurance and the cost of my reinstatement fee. I will be paying my reinstatement fee first and getting my temps immediately. I will also immediately go to buy the insurance.

The next thing I will do is go the used car dealership and buy a used car but if they try to get a penny over the amount I am willing to spend they will quickly lose my business. I know their job is to get the highest possible amount but I am only willing to spend a certain amount.

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