google encrypting searches

since Google has started encrypting searches we can not tell what search terms were used that led viewers to out blogs from Google searches. This in turn makes it more difficult to track which key words are most effective for each post.

For example there were 2 google searches that led to my blog tonight and they are listed as google search but the search terms are listed as unknown search terms. This makes it more difficult to track which key words were searched that led to someone finding my blog.

This makes it more difficult to tag posts effectively. I try to use tags on each post that are relevant to the post itself and so far this seems to be helping. Unfortunately I still can’t tell if someone is searching out non adult stuff and accidentally being led to an adult blog.

I don’t want someone to land on my blog because they searched “pediatric medicine” because that would not even be close to what they are actually looking for and I can imagine how irritating that must be.

I do want people searching for my kind of content to land on my blog though. Say someone is searching “when will I get my 1099 tax form” I posted about that at one point so I would want that person to land on that post in my blog.

I have made posts that I would hope are insightful and helpful to newbies looking to cam I would want someone searching for that to land on those posts in my blog.

I find it irritating as hell to search out something on google and a 6 or more pages of results  that have nothing to do with what I actually searched for. I bet other people get just as annoyed by it as I do.

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I'm a web cam model my goal with this blog is to give you a peek into the life of a cam girl
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