this is exactly why I hate to walk to the store these days

I walked to the store with my roommate this evening and it was dark out. On the way to the store some creepy guy in a car was inching along beside us until I looked at my roommate and said “you know I have a can of pepper spray”

It was that exact moment that the creepy guy pulled off as if he’d had his window open and heard me say that. I have no way to know if he was actually trying to bother us or not. I also have no way to know if he really had his window open or not. I just find it very odd that I mention pepper spray and he pulled off.

The guy turned around, went up the street a little bit and just stopped as if he were staring in the rear view mirror. I was really creeped out by it and I just had a really bad feeling about it that I just couldn’t shake.

Trust and believe had this guy made any sudden movements at all I would have grabbed my roommate and pushed her out of the way. I would have told her to get behind me and I would have used my pepper spray on this guy. Thankfully I didn’t need to pepper spray anyone.

The whole way back home neither of us felt safe. We both felt uneasy and we looked at every car that went past us or parked right next to where we were walking. We just didn’t trust anyone. We felt like we couldn’t get home fast enough.

If ever there was a time I needed a car and my driver’s license it would be now. I need to get my license and fast. I don’t exactly trust the police to do their job, I don’t trust the prosecutor to his or her job, I pretty much don’t trust any part of the justice system to do their jobs based on past experience.

I definitely would have called the police if I felt I needed to but I certainly would not have expected much. I would have followed up with the prosecutor too but once again I would not have expected much. I’m just glad it didn’t come to that.

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