Camsite rules about off site contact

Most if not all cam sites have rules regarding offsite contact. Streamate is by far the most restrictive. These rules are in place for 2 reasons that I can think of off the top of my head. 1) the cam sites know they are a dime a dozen and they do not want you to take their traffic to other sites.

2) if you contact members off site they can access certain information such as IP address. This could allow them to track your location for the really crafty psychos anyway. They also can not protect you from off site harassment.

These sound like pretty legitimate reasons to not want members to have off site contact with each other but some of the cam sites will at least allow you to give out your twitter handle.

Streamate does not like for the models on their site to even mention other sites. I have heard of models being suspended or banned for giving out twitter info. I personally chose not to take any chances.

We can use twitter and other social media to bring potential customers to these cam sites though. That’s the reason I use my cam name as my twitter handle. It helps when my cam name is Google searched. My blog comes up, my twitter account comes up, and my twitter has links to my 2 favorite cam sites.

This is one form of advertisement. I also tweet when I’m getting ready to broadcast on one of my cam sites. Some cam sites are less restrictive because of the way they are set up. Chaturbate is less restrictive than streamate.

On chaturbate I can run a raffle if I choose to because they allow offline tips, they have a token economy there so I can raffle off a pre recorded video or a custom video if I choose to and I can deliver it via email by either resizing it or delivering a download link to that person’s email which they would have to give to me via direct message on twitter. They also allow models to upload videos to sell.

Streamate on the other hand does not allow me to upload videos to sell. I have to be online to receive tips. Tips are called gold on Streamate.  I can still do something similar via twitter by tweeting my cammodels link and telling my fans to tip x amount of gold with a certain symbol or code word that lets me know they want a video. I would have them send me a direct message on twitter containing their email address and then I would deliver the video or download link to the email address.

I would have to be very careful doing this with streamate though. They could think I would have to make sure customers know not to send personal contact info via streamate so I don’t get my account suspended or banned.

I have never offered a raffle on either site personally. I’ve seen other models do it but I personally have not. I’ve heard raffles are not very popular. The only thing I really know for sure is that the same thing is not going to work for every model. What works for me may not work for another model and what works for another model may not work for me.

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