Is it time to rethink your marketing or brand?

As an adult webcam model you will notice there are plenty of niches out there but do you notice little to no traffic in your chat room regularly? Do you constantly have crappy shifts? Perhaps you need to rethink your marketing techniques or your brand.

Your persona on cam is your brand.  Not every person in your room will be a paying customer. However if you notice that all you seem to have is freeloaders in your chat then maybe it’s time to change your marketing techniques or rethink your brand.

When I say rethink your brand I don’t mean change your name. I mean look at other successful models in your niche and get some ideas. Don’t try to copy cat exactly what another model does, but get a few ideas and make them your own.

As a webcam model you are an independent contractor which means you are responsible for your own marketing, and for quality control. If your room is always empty or you have nothing but freeloaders your customers may not find your free chat all that intriguing.

Customers will leave if they are bored in your chat. Maybe they don’t like your attitude that day, maybe they want to see you move around a little more, or engage them in the show a little more.

Maybe customers are tired of chipping in for a show and then when goal is reached all the freeloaders come in and the paying customers feel cheated. There are remedies for this on sites like chaturbate. You can use the apps to do password shows. You set it so anyone who tips a certain amount toward your goal gets PMed a password and only the paying customers get to see the show.

That will help with the customers who feel cheated when they tip towards a goal and then EVERYONE including the non paying customers (also known as freeloaders) gets to watch.

Another thing to consider is marketing. If your marketing is ineffective you won’t have a whole lot of traffic in your room that comes from outside sources.  Play around with your marketing techniques. Tease your twitter followers a little bit.

Try not to be too much of a bitch on cam. Obviously you will have freeloaders. This is going to be annoying but if you constantly cuss them up one wall and down the other the paying customers may not like spending time in your room. They are not there to see you get pissed off and cuss somebody out every 2 minutes.

The customers in your room come there to see you happy and smiling, dancing around and teasing them visually. Lets face it, on cam all you really have is visual. You can’t exactly blind fold a customer and tease all of his senses but you could make him do it to himself to a certain extent.

You could make a customer blindfold himself and get a feather to tickle himself. On the reverse side of that he could also ask the same of you. You may have a few customers in your chat who are into orgasm denial. You could always offer that type of show where either you are in control and they are denied the orgasm until you say otherwise or they could be in control and you are denied the orgasm until they say otherwise.

You could try offering role play if you are comfortable with that. It is however always important to maintain your boundaries. If you are not comfortable with something then don’t do it. The customers can tell if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing and will likely leave your chat in search of a model who feels more comfortable and enjoys herself.

Try using your toys in various positions during your shows too. Some of your customers are going to love it when you lay on your back and get the cam just right so they get a nice view of every thing. Other customers like doggie style position (it’s usually an ass man who likes doggy because he can get a better view of your ass during the show). Some like to watch you in cowgirl with your toy while they imagine you are riding them.

The goal is to try to appeal to your customers and try not to give the same exact show every single time.  Try to mix it up a little bit to keep things fun and interesting for your customers.

When doing your marketing try using social media like twitter. A lot of cam girls use twitter and/or facebook. If you use twitter try thowing out some teaser pics, and sexy tweets.

For facebook try to throw out some  teaser pics and sexy status updates but be careful with the pics you don’t want to give away too much. It would defeat the purpose of teasing in the first place.

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I'm a web cam model my goal with this blog is to give you a peek into the life of a cam girl
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