Disrespect because of my job

I’ve been called a whore, a slut, a ho, and pretty much everything in between. I laugh at those who call me names because I’m a camgirl. Some of them may be jealous and others are probably just uncomfortable.

I wonder if people think the name calling and disrespect will make me quit my job? If that’s what they think they are sadly mistaken. I don’t give 2 fucks what people think of me. At the end of the day I am still confident and comfortable with my job, I still make decent money, I’m still not breaking the law so what do I care what these people think?

I say if you are that uncomfortable with what I do for a living then why are you even on a cam site in the first place? Cam sites are not intended for those who are offended by adult content.

For those who are jealous, well if you hate your own job so bad and wish you could make the kind of money I make, then by all means sign up to be a cam model and make your own money. I think that’s a pretty easy fix!

I make the kind of money I make because I put in the hours and work hard. If I don’t make shit one night it’s because it was a dead night or because it I wasn’t online. If I don’t get on cam I don’t make money! I don’t just have a ton of cash handed to me every 2 weeks.

for those of you who just come into a camgirl’s chat room and disrespect her because you can well we have a block button for you losers. You are the same ones watching our videos on tube sites that were recorded and put there with out our consent or knowledge. You are the same ones going to the strip clubs and trying to demand sex in the VIP rooms! so if we’re so bad for providing adult entertainment then what does that make you the guy who uses the services and disrespects the women who provide it?

About autumnstorm425

I'm a web cam model my goal with this blog is to give you a peek into the life of a cam girl
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