Trying to get my flat stomach back…

I’ve tried starving myself completely and it doesn’t work. My metabolism has changed and possibly slowed down. Starving myself just seems to make me gain weight.

I don’t want to go the barfing route it damages teeth and the esophagus which is something I want to avoid.
Not to mention it would probably have the same effect as starving myself.

Now I’m eating but I’m only eating once a day and that’s not enough. I am going to try eating at least 2x daily and see if that helps.

It’s not really the weight I’m worried about because I’m still at a healthy weight for my height. I just have a little bit of a belly and I want to tone it up a little. I think what caused it was me eating the wrong foods when I do eat and not exercising at all.

Now I’m going to focus on eating better and try to get a reasonable amount of exercise just to tone things up a bit so I can feel more comfortable with my body.

I’ve noticed that when I go on cam and I don’t feel confident I make less money. The customers can tell when I am feeling self conscious. When I feel like that I’m not having fun. They know it too.

Customers want to spend their money on models who are having fun and not focused on their flaws. When they see you trying to hide what makes you uncomfortable they leave and go on to the next model.

About autumnstorm425

I'm a web cam model my goal with this blog is to give you a peek into the life of a cam girl
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