TOS confusion, blog suspension, and reinstatement

In my last post I had posted a link to a cam site that is not permitted on wordpress. I did not know it wasn’t allowed here and their system has automatic checks for them so my blog was flagged and suspended. I’m glad I got in touch with them and got this issue resolved and I will not post that link again.

I think they should have a filter that won’t let the post publish and will notify the blogger which link(s) need to be removed before the post can be published. It will make less work for them and have a lot fewer blog suspensions that way.

They should save the blog suspensions for TOS violations that are actually listed in the TOS. There is nothing in the TOS that says I can’t post a link to this particular website so my blog should not have been suspended. That should be saved for blogs created with the intention of being a spamming, spreading hate, inciting violence etc. things that are clearly outlines in the TOS.

A perfect example of a blog that should have been suspended was the one I found a few weeks ago. That blogger was using my picture with out my permission and the entire point of that particular post was to spread hate I didn’t look to see if there were other posts in the blog.

That post was over 1 year old by the time I found it. It was a blatant violation of the TOS. WordPress suspended and subsequently removed the blog. That was the appropriate action and I am appreciative. I’m just not too thrilled with my blog being suspended over a link. I think they should update their TOS and add that links to that site are not permitted or as suggested above ad some kind of filter that won’t allow the post to publish and will tell the blogger what needs to be removed in order to publish the post.

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I'm a web cam model my goal with this blog is to give you a peek into the life of a cam girl
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