newbie camgils will have lots of questions…

so you’re thinking of becoming a cam girl but you have all these questions and don’t know where to go to get them answered or you’re embarrassed to ask because you think it’s a stupid question. The only stupid question is the one you don’t ask!!

So you want to know how this could impact your future

If you want to be a school teacher I would not cam because no matter how hard they try the cam sites can not stop all customers from recording your shows and posting the recorded videos on sites you may not even know exist. Some jobs such as school teachers do not want to be associated with anyone who has worked in the adult industry.

If camming is your career choice then by all means go for it but you should open an account at a bank or credit union and put away some money for taxes and save money for retirement. Yes you will have to pay taxes. This job is 100% legal and you’d best believe uncle Sam is going to want his piece of the pie.

This job does not offer benefits such as health insurance or a 401K so you will need to buy your own health insurance and have at least 1 savings account. If you have only one savings account you will need to make sure you only touch that money at tax time. I would really recommend 3 savings accounts. 1 checking to deposit your pay checks and pay bills and a savings that typically comes with it. lets call this 1st savings account personal as your checking account should be also.

Then you will need another savings account lets call this 2nd savings account taxes. You should put away a portion of every pay check. I would say between 30 and 40% should be sufficient to cover your tax bill as the cam sites do not take taxes out. they send you a 1099.

You will need a 3rd savings account as well lets call this one retirement. After you have put away tax money, paid your bills, put something in your personal savings like 50.00 then look at what you have left and if you have 500.00 left put 300 in your retirement account and NEVER EVER TOUCH IT UNTIL YOU RETIRE. You will need to do this out of every single pay check to make it work.

Of course you can also put this all into one savings account too but you will be more likely to spend your retirement money that way. If you put this all in one savings account then you need have good discipline.

Newbie pitfalls to avoid

Ok so now you’re probably thinking ok get on with it what should I watch out for?

the answer to that is a lot of things. Watch out for anyone who wants you to perform now and let them pay later. I guarantee you they will never pay so don’t give them anything. They need to pay upfront or they do not get the performance.

watch out for customers who want to pay via paypal. Paypal is not an adult payment processor it is against their TOS and paypal will freeze your account and you will wait months to get your money if you get it at all. The customers know this and they will pay you, then reverse the payment and report you to paypal just to get your account frozen. It’s a rotten thing to do and I don’t know why they do it but it has happened to lots of cam girls.

The best sites for new camgirls

I can only think of two. and here is a broadcaster sign up link (you will be signing up directly regardless of going to this link or going to ) the broadcaster sign up link can be a pain in the ass to find.

what you need to be aware of

streamate gives customers 30 seconds free when they take you private. You do not want to show anything until you have been in private chat for 31 seconds. You will get a ton of “30 second peepers” who will likely get pissy and demand you get undressed right away. Refuse to do this until you’ve been in private for 31 seconds.

If the customer gets mad and leaves before the 30 seconds then at least he didn’t get a free flash or get to see you naked with out paying for it.

Another issue to be aware of is customers who pretend to know you. I have had this issue particularly on chaturbate. Some customers will come in and play the “oh my god I know you” card and then tell you if you don’t show something right then they will release your real information to the entire room. Rest assured they do not have your real information and they do not know you. Immediately kick/ban them on chaturbate. They will not be able to reenter your room. All sites will have a few customers here and there who will pull this shit.

Chaturbate will make you submit current ID. When your ID expires you will be required to submit new current ID. It’s a little bit annoying because you were 18 or older when you submitted the first ID and you won’t get any younger! Chaturbate does this to protect themselves and make sure they are 2257 compliant at all times. As annoying as it is I have to respect that. I do not know if other sites require a new ID at the time of expiration or not.

Signing up directly and avoiding “middlemen”

when you google search “become a webcam model” you will find tons of “middle men” or studios. They take a cut of your money and don’t really do shit for you. They themselves signed up directly and opened a studio. The main site may broadcast that studios models on multiple “sister sites” but the studios themselves can not control this. They take a cut of your money and do nothing for you except maybe mail your paycheck.

to avoid the studios you want to go directly to the cam site itself. I will make a list of sites for you but I will link you to a more complete list.





here is a more complete list

Which sites allow me to earn tips?

I know of 2 for sure

Each token is worth 5 cents. Customers can buy token packages and use them to either tip you or take you private. tip goals work best on chaturbate (CB) chaturbate is also token based and tokens are worth 5 cents each. customers buy token packages.

so it works out to be approximately a 50% split.

streamate has a per minute pay model. you don’t get tokens and have to calculate what you earned. You set a price per minute for private chat and if you signed up directly you get 35% of what the customer spent in your chat. so if you charge 4.99 per minute and you are in private chat for 10 minutes that’s 49.90 x 0.35= 17.465 so expect to get $17.46.

Streamate also allows tips called gold. 1.00 gold is = to 1.00 of your local currency. If you signed up directly you get 35% of that so 1.00 gold = 0.35 for you. Streamate also allows tip goals called gold shows. you set a goal, you have a certain time limit (typically set by you) to reach that goal. If you are not doing a TV gold show you can cancel the show if you don’t reach your goal. If you are doing a TV gold show, you can not cancel the show. You will be taken into paid chat once your gold show starts but when it’s a gold show you will not be paid per minute. Streamate does a good job of explaining this.

Here are some websites that have a gold mine of information

search the threads and be prepared to read. You may get an overwhelming number of results and a good number of them may be false positives because one or more of the search terms was used in the post or in replies to it. Try a more specific approach or ask another member to help you find threads specific to what you are looking for.

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