Nightmares about spiders of all things

I’m sure most of you are well aware that I hate spiders with a passion. My husband has a rose hair tarantula. He’s had it for a few years now. I remember when he first got it I thought he was nuts. Not long after he got it the damn thing got out of the tank. There was no lid on it at the time. My cat is very curious about the spider.
He swore up and down the cat must have eaten that stupid spider.

He was going to check the cat for signs of having eaten the spider when I was looking for a pair of shoes. I picked up an old shoe box only to find a big ass spider…His spider! I screamed and ran out of the room. My husband just laughed at me and I told him to get a lid for the aquarium and warned him if that spider got out again it would be a dead spider!

Now about 2 weeks ago I had the weirdest nightmare that just seemed to come out of nowhere.
I had a dream that the spider had had babies lots of them and the glass on the aquarium was melting, the lid was melting, the spiders were getting out and biting me. I jumped so bad I actually woke myself up. I looked at my husband and said that spider has got to go! I told him about the nightmare and he understood why I said the spider had to go but it’s still here lol.

A few days later I found a dead brown recluse spider on my floor at the end of my bed (shivers). I can only assume my cat killed it since I know I didn’t kill it, my husband didn’t kill it, she’s the only one left. I felt her swatting the blanket a night or two before I found the dead spider on the floor. I also heard her jumping around like she was playing with something. Almost every night since I found that dead brown recluse I have nightmares about spiders. I know it was just a weird coincidence but I can’t help but be creeped out!

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