I’ve been thinking

I have an EIN number and I’ve had it for about 7 years now. I just never did anything with it. I think it’s about time I did. I’ve been working with these big name sites off and on since 2011. I think it’s time for me to go 100% independent.

I need to register the business with the secretary of state and then get a website and start promoting it. I will start camming from my site as soon as it’s functional.

I will also need to get a business checking account as I will have to pay for business expenses and I may expand from being a individual camgirl to running my own cam site where other models can cam from my platform as well but initially it will just be me.

I have so many ideas on how to run the business once I get it going but right now that’s all they are, ideas and nothing more. Hopefully this will turn out to be both a fun and profitable business adventure for me.

I have accounts on some of these big name sites like streamate and chaturbate. I don’t like all the rules on streamate. Some of them I agree with but others I think are going a little bit over board.

I agree with the rule about not meeting customers in person because it’s incredibly dangerous. You never know who you could be meeting. Anybody can tell you anything online but that doesn’t mean it’s true.

I think the rule about not being allowed to give out our social networking info is going a little too far on streamate. I think we should be allowed to give out our twitter profile but they have a rule against it and models have gotten in trouble for it before.

The models only get about 35% of what they make on streamate except when a customer signs up through their page and spends money on them then they get an extra 40% because they are promoting themselves and not just depending on the site to bring them traffic. If a customer signs up through a model’s page and then spends money in another model’s chat, the model who’s page the customer signed up through earns 20% of what the customer spent in another model’s chat.

Chaturbate seems to have the most laid back rules of all the sites I’ve tried so far. I have no real complaints about their rules. I just don’t like some of their functionality.

For example you can earn tokens in your chat and then go visit another broadcaster and tip them from your own earnings. For that matter so can anyone who hacks your account. That is a security issue because you can be robbed before you ever get paid.

I suggest choosing strong passwords and changing them often on this site in order to keep your account secure and NEVER give your password to anyone. That would be violating the rules there anyway.

I tried getting a regular job. I was making 7.95 an hour and I worked about 37.5 hours per week. The problem was I didn’t like the place or the people that worked there. They were so damn petty. People argued over chairs which I thought was immature.

There was a lot of workplace gossip. I learned pretty fast who the shit starters were and tried to stay away from them. I knew that anything I said or did would be gossiped about and twisted around until it had nothing to do with what I actually said or did at all.

I came home achy and tired every day from the repetitive work. I found the work to be mind numbing. We had a 15 minute break in the morning, a half hour for lunch, and a 15 minute break in the afternoon.

I decided that particular job was not for me. I could go job hunting and find another one but I am not interested in dealing with work place gossip, smart mouth bitches in HR or the drama. I am better off being self employed.

At one point they threatened to fire me when my phone went missing. I don’t take kindly to threats to terminate me when someone puts their sticky fingers on my personal belongings. So when the bitch from HR threatened to fire me I got right up in her face and dared her to do it.

I really didn’t give a fuck if I got fired or not. I had another source of income and I really didn’t need that job. I definitely surprised that bitch when I didn’t bow down like somebody who really needed that job. It wouldn’t have mattered if I got fired or if I quit either way I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by not being there.

So when I stumbled across my EIN confirmation letter from the IRS I thought I’ve had this for a long time and never did anything with it maybe it’s about time I did. I started thinking about what kind of business to start and decided on webcam since I already have experience in that line of work.

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I'm a web cam model my goal with this blog is to give you a peek into the life of a cam girl
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