Nice light show good night!

A thunder storm came through at 6 am and woke me up. The lightning was bright and the thunder was loud. I had my blinds closed and I could see the lightning with my eyes closed. The thunder was loud enough to wake the dead! It scared me at first. Once I was fully awake and it registered that this was just a thunderstorm I laughed about it. I thought nice light show good night! I laid back down and closed my eyes. I could see the lightning right through the blinds with my eyes closed. I was irritated so I pulled the covers up over my head. The thunder was keeping me awake so I ended up just lying there awake and annoyed for a few minutes. If I had to guess I would say within 10 minutes I finally went back to sleep.

I woke up for the 2nd time around 7:30 am after having the weirdest dream about computers and viruses. I was thinking what the fuck was that all about? I’ve been fighting with a lot of malware and 2 viruses for a couple of days now so it was definitely on my mind. I had win32.downloader.gen and win32.2urFace.BHO Both are very nasty Trojan horses. They are very sneaky and very hard to get off your computer if you don’t know what you’re doing. Both of my antivirus programs missed it but spybot search&destroy detected them. The problem was that spybot search&destroy couldn’t remove them. Malwarebytes could only detect SOME of the files and remove them. It could not detect the registry keys, the root kits, and half the files. HitmanPro (trial version) detected some of the files and registry keys and removed them but there were still more files, registry keys and root kits. Roguekiller was able to remove some of the files and root kits, spyware hunter4 detected the files, root kits, and registry keys but it was not free. It somewhere around 20.00 or so. I stuck to the freeware. My last line of defense was adwcleaner. After I ran each program I ran spybot search&destroy and these malicious items kept being detected until I ran adwcleaner and then ran a new scan with spybot search&destroy. That last scan came back clean and I thought why didn’t I just run that and then try spybot again?

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I'm a web cam model my goal with this blog is to give you a peek into the life of a cam girl
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