I am unbelievably tired today

I woke up twice last night which is pretty good for me but I was still tired. my husband and I  got up this morning and packed up all the bathroom stuff except for the items I’ll be needing today and tomorrow morning. I’ll pack those items last. we packed up my non perishables, threw away some items I no longer need or use.  I’ll be packing up my winter clothes later today as well which should completely empty out my closet. I have a bike that is just beyond repair and will need to be thrown away.One less item to move. My husband washed one of our comforters so we can put a clean one on the bed when we get in the apartment tomorrow and get the bed set up. Today we will be taking the legs off the computer desk and maybe off the table. I will be washing the dishes so we have clean ones when we move. I want to be able to put them away immediately after unpacking. Moving is very stressful. It doesn’t sound like we’ve done very much today and it certainly doesn’t look that way either but it’s enough to have both of us tired. We need to get boxes for our small fans, paper towels for the cleaning, fiber cleansing carpet solution for the carpet cleaner, and oven cleaner for the oven. I really can’t wait to get out of here. The property manager of this complex is just awful. She had her mind made up when she decided not to renew my lease so I have to give her credit there. The problem is there was no reason for her to pull this stunt and it’s causing me a lot of unnecessary stress.

I can’t wait to get settled into my new apartment. I’ll pay the rent on time, I’ll avoid neighbors, and buy a portable dish washer. my deposit from this place is going right into savings. I’m going to put money away towards buying my own house. I refuse to keep paying rent for the rest of my life especially when I know a landlord can just up and decide not to renew my lease at any time. I want something that I own. I want to be able to stay as long as I damn well please. I want to be allowed to have pets. If I own my own home I can have pets with out the restrictions landlords put on me such as weight limits for a dog, or a no pets policy. I can’t wait to own my own home.

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