the packing begins

so I packed up my summer clothes, most of my pajamas, all of my lingerie and most of my underwear. I just left enough out to get me through until I move into the new place and start unpacking. 

My place is going to be a mess while I’m packing everything up. Thankfully this will all be over soon. I can’t wait to get moved into my new apartment and get this one cleaned up so I can turn the keys in and get my deposit back.

I hate to leave a forwarding address here. I don’t want this property manager to know where I move to. She tried to con me into breaking my lease. She sent me a notice in November telling me I had to be out by December 1st. My lease didn’t expire until March 31st. I keep any and all paperwork I get from any landlord which means I kept my copy of the lease renewal form. So when she sent me that bullshit I took my copy of the lease renewal form into the office and I made sure she knew I had copies of it as well so she couldn’t just tear it up and try to evict me. It pissed her off. She made thinly veiled threats to evict me. I’m pretty sure she knew better than to even try given that I had already shown her I was smarter than she thought I was. I’m sure she knew I would know she was full of shit but she didn’t expect me to be able to prove it. She better not try anything either. I am going to take move out pictures just in case she comes in after I leave and destroys the apartment and tries to sue me for damages she did. I don’t trust her as far as I can throw her. I would be more comfortable leaving a P.O. Box as a forwarding address. I just might get one. 

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I'm a web cam model my goal with this blog is to give you a peek into the life of a cam girl
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