I got an apartment

Finally my search is over and I stop stressing over this. I will set up a time to go sign the lease and then I will start packing. I looked at the lighting in there too and it is AWESOME. I’ll have to call my cable and electric companies to move service to my new address. It may take a few days to get settled in and get my internet up and running. Once I have my cable and internet on at my new place I will get back to camming regularly. I didn’t want to cam the last couple of weeks because I didn’t want my paycheck to come to this address after I had moved.  I’ll be glad to get back to work.

My plans while I’m living in this new place are to save money and repair my credit. It’s lousy right now and if I applied for a car or home loan I would probably get laughed at. Credit is very important. It can be a deciding factor in weather or not a landlord will rent to you, it determines if you can get a home or car loan and if you do it will also determine your interest rate. Did you know employers do more than background checks? they can also check your credit which can be a deciding factor in weather or not you get hired somewhere. Another reason to pay pills on time and also get those past due bills paid is to get and keep debt collectors off your ass. If you’ve ever been behind on a bill you know they will call you several times a day trying to get the money owed to them. If you don’t pay they turn it over to collections and you have a ding on your credit report.

I have a dream of owning my own home. I have a plan to make this dream a reality. I will deposit an equal amount to my monthly rent into savings every month. I will also deposit money weekly. It will be a lesser amount but it will be the same amount every week. I will also start calling my old creditors and paying the money owed to them in order to have the accounts removed from collections and show as paid as agreed on my credit report. Hospital bills will have to be paid too. I owe a lot of them due to not having insurance for years. I used to have to run to the hospital for every little thing. I would have to go to the emergency room for a simple urinary tract infection just to get the antibiotics I needed to treat it. I had to go to the ER once just for an ingrown hair caused by shaving! and hospital bills are not cheap either. I’ll have to set up a payment plan with the hospitals I owe money to for each bill I owe with the hospitals. I owe 2 hospitals right now one in Lakewood, one in Canton. Then I will get a secured credit card and use it for small purchases. I’ll pay that bill on time and watch my credit score go up a little at a time.

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I'm a web cam model my goal with this blog is to give you a peek into the life of a cam girl
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