Panic attacks are under control

As you know by now I have been searching for an apartment for a while. I was so stressed out over it that I started having panic attacks. I am much calmer about it now. I feel like things are coming together for me and I’m going to be Ok. I’ll be looking at another place tomorrow that is 5.00 more than I am paying now. I will be looking at another apartment in the same complex as the one I looked at a few days ago (a larger apartment.) I will have to make my final decision soon though. 

It may take a few days to get settled in. I’ll have to move my cable/internet service in addition to everything else so once I get in the place I may be offline for a few days while service is being transferred. 

I’m not looking forward to moving my furniture. It’s going to be a pain in the ass to get the couch out the door. I’m considering hiring movers to help me with that. Some of my furniture is pretty heavy.

I remember when I first moved here. I didn’t want to get any of my neighbors. I wouldn’t go out in the hall if I heard anyone out there. I wouldn’t let them see me coming and going. I would actually tip toe out of the apartment and out the front door and vice versa. If someone’s door opened I would RUN back into the apartment or out the front door which ever I was closest to. I didn’t trust neighbors because of what happened at my last apartment. The place was pretty much empty there only a few occupied apartments in each building with more empty than filled. The one that lived in the building across the yard from me moved to the same building as me and to the apartment directly under me just to be nosy. They were a couple and both addicted to dangerous drugs. The woman was very jealous and insecure. She had it in her head that I was after her boyfriend (eye roll) So she started calling the landlord complaining about me and my husband every chance she got. She wasn’t getting anywhere at first. The place was sold while I lived there. She called the new property manager every day with made up complaints and the new property manager was so retarded she actually believed it. This resulted in harassment from the property manager. She couldn’t make up her mind if she wanted us to stay or leave. After 3 months of her back and forth bullshit I told her since she couldn’t make up her mind she had to evict me if she wanted me out because she was too wishy washy. As for those neighbors they are the reason I don’t trust any of my neighbors anymore. 

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