Panic sets in

Last night I went to bed feeling stressed about the expiration of my lease. I thought about my low credit score and all of the mistakes I made that caused it to be so low. Then I thought about the place I’m looking at today and panic set in. I thought with my crappy credit these people may not want to rent to me either. If these people also choose not to rent to me I could end up homeless and living in a hotel until I can find a new place. This to me is completely unacceptable.

I thought about what I could do to improve my credit score so I won’t have this issue in the future. The only thing I could come up with was get some money together, contact my creditors and pay them 1 by 1 so this won’t be on my credit report anymore. I may be able to get them to delete the negative mark on my credit report but if not at least they can’t say I owe them anymore.

 My known creditors are:

  • capitol one
  • AT&T (home phone service
  • Dominion (gas company)
  • cox cable
  • the illuminating company
  • charter one
  • Huntington national bank

 That’s a lot of dings on my credit report. I also have unpaid medical bills that I may need to work out a payment plan for. Once I’ve paid off at least 3 of the first 7 creditors I would like to get a secured credit card and begin rebuilding my credit as well as continue to pay off the rest of my creditors. Avoiding hospitals might be a good idea too unless they are absolutely necessary as they will ding my credit report with every unpaid bill. Like I said before I may have to work out a payment plan with the hospital bills too. I’ll have to do those 1 at a time. The last time I looked at my credit report on credit karma I had 28 accounts in collections. No doubt most of those are hospital bills. Before I had insurance I went to the ER for every little thing and those visits are not cheap. I had insurance for a while but I don’t anymore. My insurance failed to cover my last ER visit when I suspected I may have had appendicitis and it actually turned out to be something totally minor. ALL unpaid hospital bills are currently in collections and the only way to remove them from collections is to pay them.

Evictions also hit your credit report and they are even worse if you owe money to the landlord who evicted you. I would like to pay off the amount owed to the 1 landlord who legitimately evicted me when I was 21. I fell behind in rent and I totally deserved that eviction. I won’t list her name here but if she ever stumbles across this blog post I want her to know that I am sorry for what happened and I intend to pay every penny owed to her including damages. I had a puppy while living on her property and I couldn’t house train him. I had no clue what I was doing because it was my first puppy. Unfortunately he peed all over the place among other place. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had to completely replace the carpet as a result of me being totally irresponsible. I know I owed her 2 months rent. That is 1.250.00 I owe her not counting the late fees for those 2 months. add in roughly 50.00 for each month of unpaid rent and there is 1,350.00 then add in about 1,000 for the carpet and I owe her 2,350.00 this amount may not be 100% accurate. I will only know for sure by contacting her to find out and make good on the debt owed to her. I may have to make a few payments as I likely won’t be able to pay it all at once. I know I personally would feel better once the debt owed to her is paid in full and I’m sure she would too. She really was very nice and I feel awful that I put her in a position where she had to evict. I should add in the cost of filing the eviction, court costs and if she had an attorney maybe even attorney’s fees. this could easily take about 4,000 to pay off. It does suck to be in so much debt but I brought it on myself.

The second eviction was 100% the fault of the landlord that evicted me. They couldn’t make up their mind if they wanted me to move or stay put. one month I had to move, the next month they wanted me to stay, then the next month I had to move again. I was fed up with the crap and told her if she wanted me out she had to evict due to her inability to make up her mind. There was no rent owed, no damage to the property when I left that wasn’t already there when I moved in, I cleaned the place and left. I didn’t return the keys though. She tried to get money I didn’t owe in court. That was why I never turned in the keys. I figured if she wanted to be a little bitch she was damn lucky all I was doing was causing her to have to change the lock. She was even luckier that I cleaned the place before I left. I ran the vacuum 3 times to make sure the carpet was thoroughly vacuumed, cleaned the carpet (I have a bissell  carpet cleaner and I did that twice) I washed the counter tops, washed the stove inside and out, swept and mopped the kitchen and bathroom twice each, I cleaned the toilet,bathtub,sink,and mirror 2 times each, I cleaned the window sills, I also used bleach water to clean the mold out of the track where the windows slid open and closed. I left the bags in from when I stuffed the air conditioner too. I had done that because a wasp had gotten in through the air conditioner and it could have killed me. Also during winter months it would allow cold air in and warm air to escape. I left the bags inside to prevent that from happening to the next tenant. That one I refuse to pay anything because it is not actually owed and I did more than I really had to do when I left. That landlord can fuck off.

If I get the place I’m looking at today I fully intend to be 100% responsible, pay on time every time, keep the place clean, not bother anyone, and when I move out I will clean the place just as thoroughly as I cleaned the one I got my second eviction from and just as thoroughly as I intend to clean this one.

They may have to repaint the walls here but from what I understand that is actually normal. My cat didn’t pee all over the carpet, I didn’t break anything, I didn’t put any holes in the walls with the exception of trying to hang curtains and that didn’t quite work out because it’s dry wall. I had to try several times so there are several small nail holes in the wall above the window in my bedroom but that’s it. Other than that there is no damage to the property. I will probably get my deposit back or at least a good portion of it. 

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