Many people have them not just people in the adult industry. celebrities are targeted by stalkers quite often and so are people in the adult industry. You also ex wives, ex husbands,ex girlfriends, and ex boyfriends that stalk the ex because they didn’t get their way. These pesky stalkers are notoriously difficult to prosecute and they count on that.

For those in the adult industry it is even harder to prosecute your stalker because the police won’t take you seriously. What can you do? good question. That’s one I’m still waiting for the answer to. The cops generally do not like strippers,camgirls,porn stars,escorts and phone sex operators so filing a complaint is pretty useless. I’ve been told you can force the police to take you seriously by getting an advocate to go with you and you can bet your hard earned dollar I will if my stalker ever gets with in 1000 feet of me again.

When can you finally say you used to have a stalker but don’t anymore? I say that depends on your stalker. If you haven’t seen or heard anything from your stalker in 3 or more years and that person is not in jail for that length of time then you can probably say you used to have a stalker. If it’s only been a week or two chances are your stalker is laying low while looking for new ways to force unwanted contact. My suggestion is be extra vigilant. Take your digital camera with you any time you go to look out the window. It would be good if it had the ability to record videos as well. If it records videos this is your best option. Use the video feature to record the date say from a news paper, your computer or cell phone screen, anything that displays the current date and then look out your window for as long as it takes to feel comfortable. If you catch your stalker driving by especially if it’s more than once say constantly going up and down your street or around your block you’ve got the bastard. Catch them doing this on at least 5 different dates and you’ve really got the stupid fuck. If your stalker has your phone number and calls you constantly, again use your video recording feature on your digital camera to record the incoming calls. DO NOT ANSWER YOUR STALKER. Refuse to give any kind of interaction what so ever. Just point the camera at your phone so it is seen by the camera and your stalker’s number is recorded as the number harassing you. Do this every single time the stalker calls you. Also go to the missed calls log which in some phones will have the time and date associated with the calls. If your stalker starts calling unknown, restricted, or private answer the phone and put it on speaker phone so you can clearly capture his voice with your digital camera. 15 to 20 times should be more than enough especially if the calls are back to back. If your stalker is like mine and calls between 6 and 8 times per minute just 15 to minutes of recording should be sufficient to nail his ass to the wall. Make an appointment to speak with detectives and take this evidence and your advocate with you to the police department. They will be forced to take you seriously. Also upload the video evidence to your computer and put it on a DVD. Make at least 2 copies. This way if the cops discard your evidence the second you turn your back you have back up evidence. If you suspect the police are simply discarding your evidence let your advocate know, give them a copy of the evidence and get an attorney and give them a copy of the evidence. Let your attorney know you suspect the police are just discarding your evidence and your attorney should be able to look into the matter (request evidence from police) if the police can not produce the evidence then your attorney will discuss the next course of action with you. You are a person too no matter what the police think. You have the right to live free from stalking and/or harassment. The police do not have the right to discard your complaints. You have the right to be taken seriously just like the waitress at applebees or the cashier at giant eagle

I wish I had thought of this when it was happening to me exactly the way I described above. But I didn’t know I could get an advocate. Now I know. The only thing stopping my stalker from driving up and down my street all day every day is the fact that I live 2 counties away. I have google voice and only give out my google voice number to those who have a valid need to contact me. Yes my stalker has also gotten a hold of that number but he can not get through as I have blocked him. set  unknown,private,restricted calls not to even ring to my phone, and I block any throw away phones he used to call or text me from. He still cyber stalks me though. If he should start blowing up my twitter like he did before I will print the tweets and take them straight to the police after I make at least 15 copies.

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