No time to cam

Looking for a new apartment has taken up so much of my time that I actually don’t have time to cam. I spend my days making calls to see if the advertised unit is still available, inquiring about their requirements just to hear more often than not that if you’ve had evictions in the past they will not rent to you. So what do you do when no one you’ve called so far will rent to you? You keep looking. That’s all you can do. Oh and if you want to ruin their day call fair housing on them. I am about to do this to one of the landlords that declined my application because they did several things wrong:

1) they told me 1 price on the phone and when I got there they told me a different price

2) they required too much info (financial institution,account number,account balance)

3) the supposed owners never saw my info just their son and their daughter in law

4) the told me on the phone they don’t do credit or background checks but they had the info for those on the rental application 

there is no reason to have that on a rental application if you don’t do the checks. There is no reason period to require someone’s bank account number and bank account balance period. I have never seen a rental application with that on there. I also intend to file a complaint with the BBB. Anything to ruin their day since they lied through their teeth and dared to ask for my banking info. Seriously what’s in my account is none of their business. 

 Some landlords won’t rent to people with criminal records. This is their choice but they need to be clear about that up front and tell them they do background checks and don’t rent to felons or to people with certain misdemeanors. That would be honest and fair but unfortunately most landlords are not honest or fair.

I have about 2 weeks left to find another place. I’m frustrated and stressed out because of it. My credit is crap right now. If I could get into a new place that would be great because then I could start working on improving my credit. Medical bills can go to hell but other bills will need to be paid such as old utility bills, old phone bills, the credit card I defaulted on needs to be paid off so they can remove it from my credit report and maybe eventually I will be able to get another credit card that is unsecured and as long as I keep up with it I should be fine. This may help if I ever end up needing to search for a new apartment, paying off old banking debts will remove them from collections but may not remove them from my credit report. I would have to ask.

We all know your credit score plays a role in your ability to get an apartment. Most landlords will overlook medical bills but will not overlook evictions,defaulted credit cards, or criminal history. The best thing I can suggest is stay out of trouble and pay your bills. I might still be able to get my record expunged but that will also cost money. I will have to pay off some old court costs first and then pay an attorney to have my record expunged. This will also help. It just doesn’t help right now. For the time being I still have to put up with snooty landlords refusing to rent to me not based on weather or not I can afford it but based on my eviction history. My criminal record has been very hard for many landlords to find but I’m sure there are some out there that can find it. My husband on the other hand can not have his record expunged as he has been in trouble too many times. This also makes finding a rental property difficult and time consuming because landlords that would rent to me won’t rent to him.  I personally think that is retarded as even felons deserve a place to live. 

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