when looking for a new apartment how much info is too much?

As you know I didn’t get the last place I looked at. I feel they wanted too much info anyway. The rental application had a section where they asked for my banking info. I refused to give it to them. they wanted to know the name of my bank I gave them that. They wanted my account number I would not give them that. They also wanted to know the balance and I would not give them that either as I felt it was none of their business, extremely invasive,and down right nosy. I mean the place was nice but it wasn’t worth the violation of privacy. No place is worth that. sorry for any landlord that might be reading this but my bank account number is none of your business and my balance is none of your business. I could understand a credit check or even a background check but to look into my banking info is just going too far. Thanks but no thanks.

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