may have found a new place

I say may have because I haven’t even looked at the place yet but the landlord sounds very nice. I’m hopeful that I’ll get the place. It’s easily in my price range so I’m certain I can perform under the terms of the lease once I get in. I just hope he’s as nice as he sounds. I would love to move to a nice apartment and stay there until I have enough saved to buy a house of my own. I honestly can’t say enough about how nice this guy sounds on the phone. He comes across as one of those mom and pop type landlords. You know the type! they’re sweet, honest, hard working, often older people.

I know that the place I will be looking at will be a 2nd floor apartment so I am curious to see if it is as large as I hope it will be. It’s a 1 bedroom which is really all I need at the moment. I currently don’t have any children, I’m not pregnant, it’s just me, my husband and my cat. We will be comfortable in a large 1 bed room. 

I need a fair amount of kitchen and closet space though. I like to keep things neat and put away. I don’t particularly care for clutter. If I can fit all shoes and clothes neatly in the closet I’m happy. I need a linen closet for sheets, towels, and extra blankets, If I can fit those in the linen closet neatly I’m happy. I need plenty of kitchen space. I like to keep my dishes neatly put away and easily accessible. I would prefer a dish washer but If I have enough space I will buy a portable one. I like counter space to store things like trash bags and cookie jars. If I have enough space to do that I’m happy. Typically an eat in kitchen would have sufficient space. I would love a coat closet in the living room. That would give me enough space to store my vacuum, carpet cleaner, paper towels, and other cleaning supplies. 

I would like to have a large bedroom as this would give me room to put my bed and dresser in the bedroom and have room to move around a little. If it I end up pregnant while living there I could put the crib in the bedroom with out having it too cramped.

 I need a decent size living room so I can have enough space to put my couch, desk, and end table in it and have everything set up nice and neat. That  would be my dream apartment and the price is well worth it if that’s what I’m walking into. 

No matter what it’s going to be great I’m sure. I’m just excited to look at the place and then go from there.

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I'm a web cam model my goal with this blog is to give you a peek into the life of a cam girl
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