The challenges of moving

As some of you may well know I will have to move at the end of this month. I am not looking forward to it at all due to the fact that I have to be out by a certain date weather I have a new place or not. My credit is totally shitty which will probably make moving more difficult for me. I can show a landlord that I can in fact pay the rent and even prove that I pay on time most of the time. I admit there have been times when I was late paying the rent put I informed the landlord as soon as I knew I would be late and paid the late fee along with the rent. I don’t like to make a habit of being late. Sometimes things happen and it’s a pain in the neck. I mean for both me and the landlord when I’m late but I always try my best to do right by the landlord which includes paying the late fee if I am late, offering an apology, and trying to keep these incidents to a minimum. Some landlords will only rent to tenants with A-1 credit which effectively disqualifies me at this time. I am working to improve my credit rating but I can see this taking some time which is something I have a strict limit on if I’m getting a new place before I move out. If I’m unable to find a place I will have to stay in a hotel until I do find a new place. 

 I called a few people/companies that were advertising properties for rent recently. Some of them have been rented and are no longer available unfortunately. Others are more selective about who they rent to and it is frustrating for me but they have a right to make sure the people they rent to are safe and not likely to cause problems for other tenants. Personally I don’t intend to cause problems for anyone. I just want to find a new place, get settled in, and get back to work ASAP with out bothering other people. I like to keep quiet, keep to myself, and mind my own business. Now I need to find a landlord that is interested in a tenant like me. This may be harder to do based on my job as some land lords may not be comfortable with the job I have. I understand and respect that even if it does frustrate me.

Moving is a pain anyway but then you also have to go through the application and approval process. Some landlords are more strict than others. I will Just keep looking until I find a suitable place with a landlord that doesn’t scare me or make me uncomfortable.

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