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I have gotten reports of twitter taking down certain cam girl’s pic and video content and suspending other camgirls’ accounts. I have also gotten reports of tumblr issuing warnings or not allowing models to post their cam links. from what I understood MFC profile links are no longer allowed on tumblr. Be very careful of what you tag your posts. With that said I’m tired of seeing my fellow cam girls getting bullied by social media sites this way. I personally haven’t had this issue but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until I do.

Some of us have some relentless cyber stalkers that go around hunting us down online and reporting every tweet, every picture we post, every status update, every cam link, anything and everything. They do this to try to fuck the business of the camgirl they are stalking/harassing. These guys fail to realize we can always make a brand new twitter, tumblr, or other social network profile. Guys that pull stupid childish stunts like that are at best annoying and are pretty much wasting their time. We can always make twitter private and have to approve each and every follower which would effectively stop the stalkers from reporting twitter accounts for spam (provided the cam girl knows the stalker’s twitter user name and doesn’t approve that person)

Some of these social networks are ok with nudity one day and the next they change their TOS. when this happens if they don’t notify everyone of the TOS changes we could be completely unaware, post the things we normally post thinking we are not violating the TOS and then we are unexpectedly issued a warning or the account is banned or suspended.

Many social networks target cam girls, porn stars, and other adult content posters. To these social networks I say get over yourselves! This is america face it sex sells if your members are so “offended” by our material they could just unfriend/unfollow us and then go fuck off in the corner by themselves. We have as much right to be here as anyone else. If they don’t like it each and every one of us has two ass cheeks they can pick one and kiss it! We need to find or create a social network specifically for adult content such as what camgirls and porn stars post along with our cam links. We need to be able to have stalkers banned by email address, name, handle, and IP address to ensure that they can not find us there and then create a new account to continue harassing us when they are reported/banned for harassment. we need a social network for the adult industry run by the adult industry workers. we are tired of being the under dogs. If we are acceptable for a social network or particular service one day then we should always be acceptable for those social networks/particular services. Pulling stunts like this really only hurts these big name social networks and services in the long run and the same goes for particular services. is an adult content social networking site but if someone goes psycho and starts harassing you, you have to report them and wait for the admin/owners/support to handle it.

have you also noticed that some blog hosts used to allow adult content but now suddenly has a problem with it? Blogger to be specific. I found a post online a couple of days ago where an adult content blogger’s account had been shut down and they were told Blogger no longer allows adult content and they had to export their content to a new blog host. It was fine 3 years ago, it was fine last year so why the sudden change? it’s bullshit! and this is why we need a social media and blog host that is specifically for this kind of content! we need to be able to protect ourselves from the nut jobs our content/jobs attract. If nothing else give us a ban button that will ban the user by name,email address,IP address from viewing our content and or contacting us period but not from the site. If I had the time and energy I would create these social networks and blog hosts myself!

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I'm a web cam model my goal with this blog is to give you a peek into the life of a cam girl
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