due for an upgrade

I was looking around on my camsite and noticed their recommended cams are the logitech c920  and the logitech BCC950. I have wanted the logitech C920 for quite a while. The cost is 99.00 + shipping. I hope to buy this cam soon. I already have a laptop with an i7 processor which made running the live encoder possible. Now I need the logitech C920 and I will have pretty much top notch camming equipment. since I am now camming regularly this will be an asset not an expense. 

Since I was not camming regularly before I need to rebuild my customer base. I’m sure this will take a few weeks to a few months.I feel it’s worth the effort I will be putting in. I will likely be frustrated at the end of my shift when I don’t make the kind of money I want to make but I will keep logging on every day and hopefully I will be able to get enough people in my chat to actually reach my goals. In the mean time I am lowering goals and shortening the length of the shows. Like if I am able to make it on cam on tonight (I think I will) I’ll set a goal of 40.00 and the length of the show will be 7 minutes. it will stay at 7 minutes until I am able to get 55.00 from a gold show then I will increase it to 9 minutes. once I can get 65.00 from a gold show I will increase the show length to 11 minutes. I’m sure you get the idea. Now once I am able to reach a goal of 100.00 before the show starts I will buy the above mentioned webcam.

Camming equipment is tax deductible because it is a business expense. Anything I buy and use on cam is considered a business expense. the problem is making enough to cover these expenses while still making enough to cover personal expenses. Some models can do this easily. Other models struggle particularly the ones who are a little shy like me and the ones who have not cammed regularly. I would be careful with tax deductions. If your expenses are higher than the amount you’ve made for the year the IRS might decide to audit you. I would not want that to happen.

I have changed my bio pic on my cam site. (www.autumn_storm.cammodels.com) the last one was just plain awful. That awful pic may have played a part in my lack of traffic. I will see when I log on!  wish me luck!

About autumnstorm425

I'm a web cam model my goal with this blog is to give you a peek into the life of a cam girl
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