creating an online presence

when you first start camming on any site you have plenty of traffic because you have that new model tag. If you want to keep that traffic you need to create an online presence. The easiest way to do this is to set a schedule and stick to it as much as possible. If you not frequently online your traffic will go elsewhere. 

If you have been on your cam site long enough to loose the new model tag and haven’t been on regularly you will still need to create an online presence. You will have less traffic to work with for a while but you can do it. Set your schedule and stick to it as much as possible. You will need to promote your self as much as you can too. This is also a good idea for newbies too. If you don’t have a twitter account get one. Follow other cam girls and tweet your cam link. Tweet some dirty pics boob shots and ass shots are popular but you also want to tweet face shots if you show your face on cam. Tag your pics. use a program like gimp. You can google instructions on how to add text to your pics but it’s fairly simple.

Step 1: open gimp

step 2: click file (top left when gimp is open)

step 3: click open

step 4: choose a pic (if none are in a list for you go to pictures and your pictures folder will open choose a pic from the folder

step 5: click tools or if your tools menu pops up on the side click the A 

step 6: click on your picture where you want to type your cam link

step 7: choose your font size by clicking the up and down arrows next your font size (default is typically 18)

step 8: type your cam link (example:

step 9: click file click save as then click save (look at the top to take note of what the image is being saved as)

step 10: when the picture is back in front of you after saving it click file then click export look at the top of the page to see what the file is being exported to. 

now you are ready tweet your pictures or add them to your facebook page (make sure twitter and facebook are in your cam name)

Post your pics and cam links all over any social networks that are in your cam name. Be patient. It may take a while to see traffic from this. Keep at it. Sooner or later you will start to see more traffic from doing this. Keep at it. Not only will you eventually see more traffic from this but some of the people who click on your cam link will sign up through your page. If your cam site offers you the opportunity to make a higher percentage from promoting yourself (anyone who signs up through your page you get an extra percentage of what they spend on you and some even give you a percentage of what they spend on other models) then the traffic that comes from you promoting yourself will be worth it.

Be nice. Don’t cuss out every customer that comes in your chat. Smile. Customers like to see you smile. Block rude and disruptive customers but don’t get block happy. If you constantly block people you won’t make money. Customers will sometimes make requests with out tipping. You can ignore these requests or tell the customers they must tip in order to get what they requested.

Always try to put on a good show. If you are in private with a customer and they are making requests try to do what the customer is asking for provided it is not against the law in your area, site rules, and you are comfortable with the request. If you are uncomfortable with a request politely decline the request telling the customer you are uncomfortable with it. If it is against the law and/or site rules politely decline the request telling the customer you can not do this because it is against the law in your area and/or site rules as well and you do not want to risk being banned. If the customer says well so and so does this just say sorry I’m not so and so and I am not taking those risks if so and does what you are asking for then go to her room. Usually the client will log off at this point. If the client does not log off and starts disrespecting you and being verbally abusive you can block the customer which will end the show. you can also report the customer and let support deal with it. 

Occasionally customers like the kind described above will give you super low ratings and or disrespectful tags if your cam site allows that. you can block these tags on some sites. You can not delete bad ratings but if you feel a bad rating was a client trying to ruin your business because you refused to break laws,site rules, or do something you are not comfortable with you can contact support and they will review it. In some cases these ratings can be removed.

The longer you do this job the more likely it is that you will run into some jerks. Don’t sweat it. For every jerk out there chances are there are 100 nice guys. The ones who respect boundaries and treat you well are your target audience. Just make sure to promote yourself daily. There is no such thing as over promoting yourself.


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