another lousy night

I made about 11.00 tonight. I’m pissed. I couldn’t seem to get enough people to stay in my chat long enough to reach my goal. I got so tired of flashing when people tipped to join the show and then losing it when I cancelled the show that I did the show for chump change. This will not happen again. On the upside I met some very nice customers that were very respectful. We all had fun.

 Disconnections were kept to a minimum. I only got disconnected once tonight when I first logged on tonight. I had to disable WIFI and then plug in the Ethernet cord. This tells me that a WIFI connection is too unstable to broadcast using the live encoder. Thankfully I was able to figure that out quickly.

I didn’t get a single offer from TV producers tonight either. Prior to last night I got 1 offer every night almost as soon as I logged on. The night before last I got one but my stupid audio wasn’t working so instead of getting to accept the offer I got a  message from producer: you do not have audio enabled. I knew this was bullshit because I made sure to enable it. The problem was I didn’t have the updated version of the live encoder so my audio didn’t work. I understand that declining too many offers from producers will result in them not offering you anymore shows for a while and possibly even revoking those privileges permanently. The problem with that is that is I never declined a single show. They would go to send an offer and I was either not using the live encoder at that time or like the other night my audio wasn’t working properly. I am wondering now if this was considered declining a show. I will email support and ask them about it. in the mean time I am going to look into opting out of TV gold shows and then opt back in to see if I get any offers after that. 

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I'm a web cam model my goal with this blog is to give you a peek into the life of a cam girl
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