looking forward to camming tonight

with the live encoder issues fixed getting online tonight should not be a problem for me. I am looking forward to getting on tonight and I hope to see some familiar handles. Newbies are always welcome too. 

What’s been on my mind since last night is what do customers want? obviously I’m not showing anything for free but other than that what do the customers want? I often see customers that come into my chat and immediately leave before I’ve even had a chance to say hello. I also often see customers that come into my chat and the minute I say hello they leave and I have seen some that stay and chat for a minute and leave. We all know the customers don’t want to be hounded for privates and tips. Usually as soon as private or tip comes out of a model’s mouth the customers leave. I wonder why they leave just for being acknowledged with out “tip” or “private” ever being mentioned. I also often wonder what more I can do to entertain the customers that do stay and encourage tips and privates with out ever having to mention it to them?

I used to be able to move around a lot more but injuries have made that more difficult. My knee was the the first of these injuries. Now I have a more recent back injury. I’m sure it’s mild but I managed to hurt myself while attempting to crack my own back. I’ve been warned about that repeatedly and I never would listen. Now I think I might have a pulled muscle or possibly a pinched nerve. I noticed a heating pad seems to help with pain so hopefully this will be resolved soon and I can move normally again.

I never complain to the customers about my back or knee hurting. It won’t solve anything. What can they do about it? Nothing! They can’t reach through the screen and rub my back, they can’t offer medical advice, and complaining about pain is just going to turn them off. they don’t come to my chat to hear about my aches and pains. That one is pretty much don’t ask don’t tell. If I log on and I’m in a cast they might ask what I did. In a situation like that I would give the short version such as I tripped and fell. Hopefully I will never be camming with a cast on one of my limbs. Let’s hope I’ve learned to be a bit more careful than that lol.

I wonder if clients like certain outfits more than others? I’ve noticed some outfits I can wear and I make little to no money. When I change the outfit the customers will sometimes spend more money.

Some customers think if they’re broke on any particular day they can’t hang out in my room. I say the more the merrier. Broke or not you’re welcome in my room. You may have insight that will help me when there are paying customers in my room. You might just be able to distract me from the frustration of a lousy night and get me laughing. You have no idea how much that helps and I do appreciate it. 

I often wish I could log on and have at least 10 people in my chat but that rarely happens. I usually have an empty room for the first 5 to 10 minutes. it can be very frustrating but I try not to focus so much on that. I know eventually customers will come in and hopefully we’ll at least have a good conversation and something to laugh about.

feel free to join me here: http://www.autumn_storm.cammodels.com

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I'm a web cam model my goal with this blog is to give you a peek into the life of a cam girl
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