ahh yes the 30 day notice to vacate the premises

some of you may know that the previous owner of the apartment complex where I live sold the place. The current property manager has chosen not to renew my lease. She gave me one of these telling me I had to be out by December 1st but I showed her that my lease had not expired yet so she left me alone until now. My lease expires next month so I will have to find a new apartment soon. Once I have a new place and all of my belongings moved into the new place I will return here to vacuum, clean the carpets, and return the keys.

Hopefully I will be able to find a place in time so I can move quickly and settle in. I hate moving. Things always seem to get lost in the move and while things are being unpacked and put away it seems like I never know where anything is. My cat hates moving too. The poor thing gets so scared. Once inside the new place she always calms down and wants to check the place out but she hates to be outside even for a minute. She meows really loud and you can tell by the way she meows that she is terrified. I feel so bad when she has to go through that. 

On the upside, since I am moving hopefully I will be able to find a place with less annoying neighbors. my current neighbors make a lot of noise and sometimes keep me up at night. It sounds like they are stomping around up there.

When moving day comes I hope the roads and side walks are clear. Moving when there is a lot of snow on the ground and it’s really cold out side is a real pain in the ass. I would prefer to move when it’s at least 60 degrees outside so it’s not cold or excessively hot. Unfortunately I don’t have that choice right now.

On a side note I think I need to start doing background checks on potential landlords and if they sell the property the new owners and any property managers they hire. The one here Michelle Shepherd (current property manager) is a snake. She tried to get over on me and failed miserably. Remember the 30 day notice I mentioned earlier? the one saying I had to be out by December 1st? that was because she took the lease renewal form out of the file and tried to act like she thought I was on a month to month lease. I had a copy in my apartment and showed it to her. She barely glanced at it. She made a copy and placed it in the file. She thought I wouldn’t know to keep a copy of the lease renewal form. She got an attitude after that. She stressed that if there were any noise complaints or ANYTHING I would be evicted. She even tried to tell me it was corporate’s decision not hers. I seriously doubt that it was corporate’s decision because I have not heard heard anything from corporate. It’s her and she doesn’t have the guts to tell me. She is particularly jealous of women and tends to not renew their leases or evict them. I had a bad feeling about her the day I met her. I instantly did not like her. I guess my instincts were right. Oh by the way she’s a whore.

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