WTF is it with the whackos in this world?

last night I heard police sirens and they kept getting louder. They sounded like they were getting closer and closer until I looked out my window and saw police cars coming in the entrance and the exit. I ran to the bedroom and watched out the window as some sick bastard got boxed in and watched the scene unfold. In this video you can hear my roommate and husband whispering you might even here me. Fair warning the car port blocked most of the view so listen closely to the audio this is some seriously messed up shit.

update there was an article in the paper about this today and it turns out this guy did not shoot his child he bashed his niece’s head into the wall. This is still unacceptable behavior toward children I think he needs to spend no less than 6 months and no more than 2 yrs in jail for this behavior.

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