planning to buy a new computer

the computer I want to buy 

I want to buy a computer with an i7 processor. I could get an i5 but it just be outdated in a week anyway. I sent streamate support kind of a smart assed email about this. I bought a new comuter with an AMD dual core processor in Dec. 2011 and then in 2012 I got a faster interrnet connection. The lagging stopped. Earlier this year I had cam lag on another site. One of my customers bought me this computer with an i5 processor which helped and another customer bought me this HD webcam. Thanks guys you rock!

well a year ago an i5 would have been top notch for running streamate’s live encoder. Now it is just the minimum and the i7 is top notch. I am afraid to get an i5 because if I do it will be my luck that they come out with an i8 or an i9 or higher and then the i7 will be the minimum and will eventually not be good enough. I don’t want to keep throwing good money after bad getting the are minimum. I wouldn’t mind replacing my computer with newer and “faster” processor ever 1 to 2 years if I made 2,000 a week. I would even be happy with 1,500 a week. I am currently making chump change. It’s pissing me off.

Producers and tv gold shows

I have had 2 producers interested in me now. I have gotten ineligability pop ups both times. Tonight pissed me off so bad that I told the producer to get lost and fuck off until I get a computer with an i7 processor. The first one I told them I couldn’t run the encoder because an i3 processor will not allow it to run. tonight I get the same pop up again and this time was so pissed I ripped them a new one. SERIOUSLY PRODUCERS GIVE ME A FEW DAYS I AM LOOKING INTO GETTING A COMPUTER WITH AN i7 PROCESSOR. 

I have a short fuse anyway but this is just going too far. they are basically waiving money in my face and then snatching it away. I do not find that funny. They need to quit. Either offer me the show with my settings as is or fuck yourself with an iron stick until I get a new computer!

I realize this may not be what they intend to do but I definitely don’t intend to put up with it and I do not intend to opt out anytime soon. I better have at least 3 shows in 1 night with goals not less than 110.00 anything below that and trust and believe I will decline.

Models on streamate get 35% of site traffic! if we refer a person and they sign up through our cammodels link then we get the 35%, we get an addition 40% bonus on top of that for a grand total of 75% I won’t bitch about the 35% or the 75%. I mean yeah the 75% is more money in my pay check but suppose streamate paid more and spent less on running the site, advertising etc. and the traffic went down as well as the quality of the site. Then I would REALLY be mad I think I’ll choose my battles and this is not one of them. I will promote the fuck out of my cammodels link and sooner or later it is bound to pay off. In the mean time I am glad to get 35% instead of the lousy 20% I got with a studio and if I referred someone to my cammodels link I got an additional 40% for a grand total of 65% and well 65% isn’t bad either but 20% just royally pisses me off. Studios really don’t do shit for you anyway so why should they get 15% of your money or mine?

Getting back to the producers for the TV gold shows I really like the idea and I want to participate. I am frustrated with an outdated processor that is preventing me from participating and I am attempting to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible. The i7 processor will allow me to run the HD encoder which makes things more HD on streamate. I already have an HD webcam but the encoder will actually make that better.


I have probably not been all that entertaining in free chat. Keep in mind I am still recovering from a knee injury. It’s been months and I still don’t feel stable. I don’t know if my knee will ever be 100% reliable again. I just keep trying to exercise it and work through the pain. Often times I am in excrutiating pain and nobody knows because I don’t let it show. Twice tonight alone I was in excrutiating pain and I just smiled through it and chatted with my customers. If I bored you tonight I apologize and please be patient with me as my knee is still healing. My doctor said it can take up to 1 year to fully heal or to heal as much as it’s going to. It does feel stronger now than it has in the last 6 or 7 months but I still don’t trust it yet.  Hopefully with in the next month or two I will be my old moving, dancing and smiling self again. 


I filled out my schedule on streamate when I rejoined in April. I have not followed that schedule. I have not even come close. I have come up with a way to remedy that. I printed my schedule and taped it on the wall by my bed so I look it at least 20 times a day. I often spend my days in my room watching tv or playing on the computer so I taped my schedule where I am forced to look at it every day when I get out of bed, every day when I get up to go to the kitchen or livingroom, every day when I get off my bed no matter what the reason my schedule is right in my face and I have to look at it. Tomorrow is Saturday I am scheduled on streamate from 7:00 PM EST to 11:30 PM EST I will be there. you can take that to the bank.

Paychecks and the pay period

the pay period on streamate is only 1 week long. I currently have an embarassingly low paycheck. 12 bucks or something. They will hold that until I make at least 20 but that is still embarassingly low. Thank god for mobile deposits! if I walk into my bank with a 20.00 pay check they would look at me like wtf are you doing? why to do you work for this company if you get such low paychecks? The answer (not that I would even offer one to my bank because it’s none of their business) is the fault is mine and mine alone. True I can not force customers to spend money with me nor would I ever dream of trying. But I think if I were online more and customers felt I was more reliable I would have more people spending money and I would have higher pay checks.

Slow or dead nights on cam

no way around this they suck big hairy balls! This is going to happen from time to time especially around the hollidays. Lets face it My target audience is like married or in a relationship. They may have kids. Some of them do and some of them don’t. The ones that are in a relationship with or with out kids likely have plans for thanksgiving and are probably going to be wrapping presents on christmas eve or planning a trip to the inlaws or their own family’s houses. While it does infact suck it’s just that a fact. The hollidays will always be slow or dead.  Other nights can be slow or dead. There may be plenty of traffic but if it’s between pay days not everyone is going to spend money. They may have just paid the rent or mortgage if it’s the beginning of the month. They may have just paid their credit card bill, the electric, gas, just put gasoline in their cars, bought groceries anything! hell they may have had an unexpected expense like a traffic ticket or a doctor or ER visit. While we do this for a job and it is good money most of the time there will still be times when it doesn’t go the way you hoped it would. Yes this job can be a lot of fun but it can also be annoying if we get a troll. I hate trolls! those are the ones that get their asses handed to them in my room but I’m nice to everyone else.

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