I will have to move out by April 1st

My old landlord sold the apartment complex which sucks because he was by far the best landlord I’ve ever had the pleasure of renting from. The new landlord has hired a property manager who turned out to be a snake. She doesn’t like me which is fine she doesn’t have to like me. I don’t give a flying fuck either way. To be perfectly honest I don’t like her either. This “lady” thought she could get rid of me BEFORE my lease expires. She put a notice on my door saying I would have to be out by Dec. 1st or I would be evicted. I spoke with her about it the next day. She had a copy of my expired lease but not a copy of the lease renewal form. Hmmm what’s wrong with this picture? I seriously doubt the previous owner would leave a copy of an expired lease but not a copy of the lease renewal.  I smell a rat. I believe she took the copy of the lease renewal out of the file and tried to get me to move thinking I wouldn’t know to save my copy. I did know to do that and I had my copy.  I brought it into the office and let her see it. I made a copy because I didn’t trust her but she made a copy and put it in the file and gave my copy back to me.  I sensed attitude coming from her after that. She told me I could still be evicted if there were any noise violations, or lease violations of any kind. She also said it was corporate’s choice to not renew my lease when this one expires not hers. I call bullshit! corporate has not said a word to me. It’s her not them. Corporate doesn’t know me from a hole in the ground. It’s not corporate it’s her!!

Even my neighbor, a really nice christian lady, who has never been anything but nice to everyone here is having trouble getting them to fix things in her apartment and they are threatening to evict her for making legitimate work complaints. This has got to stop. I am ready to give my neighbor my tape recorder and a blank tape and have her go make a complaint about the condition of her apartment and record the entire conversation from beginning to end. My neighbor is a nice lady and doesn’t deserve to be treated that way. 

As for me, well I’ve had enough. When my lease is up I’m moving out provided the property manager hasn’t found an excuse to evict me by then. I wouldn’t be surprised if she fabricated complaints and used them to evict. I need to get back to work on cam which I’ve been slowly but surely trying to do. I need to make enough on cam to be able to show the next land lord I can afford the place. I will need recent pay stubs showing I can easily afford the place. There is no way a landlord will rent to me if I can’t show them enough income to cover both rent and utilities. I will need to be able to pay the 1st month’s rent, and security deposit. 

I don’t like being put in this situation. When I move I prefer it to be my choice not the property manager’s. I prefer to leave on good terms with no hard feelings. Unfortunately I don’t see that being a possibility this time. Moving is stressful enough as it is it’s even worse when your landlord or property manager is a total snake and you know they are up to no good. I wouldn’t want to leave my apartment unattended for even a minute for the rest of the time I’m here and I sure as hell don’t plan on leaving this place unattended until every single thing I own is out. When the apartment is empty and the keys are turned in then I will leave the place unattended because I won’t have any belongings for the property manager and her minions to go through.

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