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Most cam girls promote themselves. some do it via twitter some use myspace or both. others use adult sites like online booty call. Unfortunately online booty call and are not advertisement friendly. they call it spam. There is the adult gigs section of many other sites but to find the sites that have these sections it takes some serious searching and then you have to wonder how effective it is. How much traffic does that particular section of that particular site get? choose you’re advertising venues wisely as they aren’t all free and some are a complete waste of time. I personally prefer twitter over everything else I’ve tried. 

While self promotion is a great idea I have had one mistake brought to my attention. For privacy’s sake I won’t name names but I have tweeted my cam link through out the day all day and then cancelled twice this week alone. This creates frustration with the customers when it happens too frequently. The customers see you saying I’ll be there at this time and they think well she’s cancelled 3 times this week screw that and they look for someone more reliable. They don’t like flaky cam girls. 

To the person who brought this to my attention thank you and you know who you are. I feel this was a very good point and I felt it was worth writing about.  I have made this mistake myself a few times. As the person who originally made this point said they understand things come up sometimes but when it happens too often it frustrates the customers especially when they have been built up for it all day and then BAM no show. A direct quote from the person who brought this up ” it’s like working up to an orgasm and then suddenly it’s like boom not gonna happen” I am essentially leaving the guys with blue balls when I do that and it’s not a nice thing to do. 

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I'm a web cam model my goal with this blog is to give you a peek into the life of a cam girl
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