don’t piss off the models

if you go into a model’s chat room please read the bio before asking questions. If your question is not answered in the bio then go ahead and ask but if your question is answered in the bio then please avoid asking this question as it will likely piss off the model and could even get you banned from her chat.

  If a model declines your request please do not start begging this is annoying and the model can ban you from her chat. A good example of this is last night on chaturbate a customer came into chat wanting me to show my feet. I don’t really get into foot fetishes anyway but this guy obviously had no funds and I declined his request. He started begging saying his girlfriend checks his credit card statements. I told him to get a prepaid card so he wouldn’t have to worry about that. (honestly if your wife or girlfriend has a problem with you spending money on the site then you shouldn’t be doing it anyway) This guy continued to beg and said please show feet I promise I’ll get a prepaid card. At this point I was thoroughly annoyed. I was thinking seriously dude? shut the fuck up! on chaturbate we have 2 options we can silence you for 6 hours which means we won’t see anything you type for 6 hours or we can ban you which means you can’t come back into our chat until we clear all banned IPs. We can not see your IP address but but we can click on your name and ban you which bans your IP address. 

on streamate we also have two choices we can kick you out which is in effective you could just come back in or we can ban you from our chat and choose to block messages from you too which means you can’t contact us through streamate’s email system.

Unruly customers will not be tolerated in my chat. I try to be fair. I will give you a couple of warnings before I silence or ban you. If I only silence you then I am willing to give you another chance at a later time. If I ban you then you are just up the creek with out a paddle. 

begging will result in you being silenced either by me or who ever I choose to mod on chaturbate. On streamate it’s an automatic ban. If you happen to be the 4th person to beg for something I’ll just ban you.

threats of any kind will result in an automatic ban on both sites and I will report you to support to make sure you’re account is banned from the site and not just my chat. A good example is shortly after I joined chaturbate a customer came into my chat claiming to know me and saying we went to school together. He told me if I did not show something he would release my real name and info to everyone. I banned him on the spot. I seriously doubt this guy knew me I think he was just trying to intimidate me into showing something for free.

disrespect will also result in an automatic ban. I will not tolerate name calling or any other form of verbal abuse or disrespect. Another example here a guy came into my chat and said hey I know you we went to school together I guess you’re just as much of a slut now as you were back then. I banned the guy and laughed about it. It was comical because anyone who knows me knows I was never a slut. I never had a lot of boyfriends. The boyfriends I did have I never slept with so it was pretty much impossible for me to be slut. I also doubt this guy knew me at all he was just being an ass for what ever reason. Maybe he was having a bad day and chose to take it out on me or maybe he was just one of those people that are just mean all the time anything I could come up with would just be speculation with out hearing it straight from the guy’s mouth.

Don’t ask to be a mod. I will watch how you interact with other customers and I will mod you or ask your permission to do so as I see fit. I will never mod someone who asks to be a mod so please don’t do that. You could be the best mod there and not be chosen to mod for me because you asked to be a mod.

Keep in mind models are people too. We’re no better than the girl next door and we’re certainly no worse either. We still have feelings, we like to see people we’re familiar with, and we like to be treated well. This is a job but it should also be fun. Don’t come in there being rude or disrespectful. You’re much more likely to get my attention by saying a simple hello than you are by coming in there calling me names.

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I'm a web cam model my goal with this blog is to give you a peek into the life of a cam girl
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